about the artists

Sophia Hörmann
Sophia Hörmann is a performer and dance maker based in Vienna. She studied „Dance Pedagogy“ at the MUK Vienna and „Contemporary Dance“ at the Escola Superior de Danca in Lisbon. 2017 she joined a mentoring program with choreographer Doris Uhlich. 2019 she premiered her first solo performance GLOWING current moods at the „imagetanz Festival“ Brut Vienna. 2020 she was part of the „tour through thoughts“ program organized by Uferstudios Berlin and Life Long Burning. Since 2019 she started to collaborate with her sister Johanna (HÖRFRAU Kollektiv). The „echoing“ practice which is a tool to listen to the body in a nurturing way, will lead her to her new solo piece „ECHO“ which will have its premiere in April 2021. Collaborations with El Conde de Torrefiel, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Doris Uhlich, Saint Genet, Steirischer Herbst, Brigitte Wilfing and more.


Sophia Hörmann // ECHO practice

Franklyn „Slunch“ Kakyire
Franklyn „Slunch“ Kakyire fing 2006 mit vielen Background Choreographien aus dem Bereich Los Angeles Performance an und eignete sich Jahre später weitere Tanzstile wie Hip Hop Dance, House Dance und einige Floor Movements aus dem Bereich B-Boying an. Er performt mit etlichen Solo und Duett Stücken auf nationalen sowie auf internationalen Bühnen und gewann die Juste Debout Qualifikation in Seoul (2019)und trat in einer der besten 16 Teams weltweit beim internationalen Juste Debout in Paris an.


Franklyn „Slunch“ Kakyire // Pandemic Situation

Angela Kecinski
Angela Kecinski tanzte nach ihrem Studium am ArtEZ (Hochschule der Künste) in Arnheim an verschiedenen Stadttheatern in Deutschland und Schweden. Sie kehrte zurück nach Hamburg, schloss den MA Performance Studies ab und arbeitet seitdem als freischaffende Performerin, Choreographin und Dozentin.

Angela Kecinski // Berührt sein von Corona

Anja Kolmanics is a Berlin based artist. As a dancer, she worked for YET company, makemake produktionen, Martin Gropius Bau, among others. Her own choreographic work was shown at Performing Arts Festival Berlin, LetMeIn Festival Berlin, Brotfabrik and Ada Studios Berlin. At the moment her work is supported by the DIS-TANZEN scholarship of the German government. The dancing plague research project will be continued as a performance installation in summer 2022.


Anja Kolmanics // Dancing Plague

Sujin Lee
Sujin Lee wurde 1992 in Südkorea geboren. Sie absolvierte 2018 ihren Bachelor in Zeitgenössischem Tanz/Klassischem Ballett an der Musik und Kunst Universität Wien. Seit 2019 belegt sie das Masterstudium Performance Studies an der Universität Hamburg. Zwischenzeitlich arbeitet sie an verschiedenen Tanz und Performance-Projekten.


Sujin Lee // Unsichtbare Angst

Muningandu Swithin Hoveka
Muningandu Swithin Hoveka’s artistic career embodies expressions in Visual and Performance Art. Her professional music career started in 2014 as one half of group duo, Stardust, which scooped three (3) NAMA Awards in 2015. As s member of Stardust, she was an opening act for Big Ben and sung backing vocals for Shishani (2015) as well as for Joss Stone (2017). Muni has performed at The NAMA Award (2015) and Miss Namibia (2015). Other platforms include The Warehouse Theatre, Goethe Institute and The Owela Festival. Recently, she was one of the featured artists in the set for the Warehouse Theatre’s Afro Rocker’s Reggae Nights which took place in March 2020. As a solo artist, her musical performances move along the continuum between classic tunes and popular sounds. Genres include Neo Soul, Indie Pop and Contemporary RnB. Regarding conceptual performances, Hoveka’s act varies from representational to abstract. Within this realm, inspiration of nature and human ideology are fragments found in her works.
She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Creative Expression at the University of Namibia in Windhoek, where fine arts, music and theatre were inclusive in her coursework. 


The [ ] Project // [cabin fever]

Lange Staart explores subjects (collective) subconscious/memory through repetition and rhythm. To question normal to re-observe and re-understand ordinality/nature without prejudice. Staart currently works where the wind carries and allows Staart to stay and work during this strange time.

Lange Staart // Curve and boundary

Gift Uzera
Gift Uzera is a freelance professional dancer and choreographer. He is also a film and theatre actor and has appeared in films such as “Katutura” (2015) and “The Hidden Sky- El Cielo Escondido” (2016).  He has a background of acting for theatre and assistant directing professional theatre plays at the National Theatre of Namibia, as well as project coordinator for the “Windhoek International Dance Festival” during 2017 &2018. Recently, he was in Germany for a co-production “Hereroland” between Namibian and German artists from November 2019 to February 2020. Gift has graduated from the University of Namibia and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Honours) in Psychology and Music Studies under dance and movement. 


The [ ] Project // [cabin fever]